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100% Recycled Hardwood Fiber

Why Buy Our Wood Pellets?

Delmarva Wood Pellets, Inc. sells premium hardwood pellets made from 100% recycled hardwood fiber. These pellets meet and exceed the Pellet Fuels Institute’s premium grade fuel. When buying from Delmarva Wood Pellets, you have the advantage over most brands because we buy direct from 3 hardwood sawmills locally in Maryland and Virginia. These sawmills utilize the wood waste that comes from in-house sawmills and provide strict quality control to give you the best product for the money. This guarantees clean, consistent, and top quality hardwood pellets for our customers.

Available to Homes and to Businesses!

We offers competitive prices to businesses and homeowners. Whether you need just 1 bag or a tractor trailer load, we can deliver to your location or provide you with convenient customer pickup. With a quality fleet of trucks to service you, we can keep you warm ALL winter long.

Facts: Why Pellets Instead of Cord Wood?

Our Wood Pellets

  • 5-8% Moisture Content
  • 350,000 BTUs per Cu. Ft.
  • One 40 lb Bag of Pellets


Their Cord Wood

  • 30-60% Moisture Content
  • 70,000-90,000 BTUs per Cu. Ft.
  • 2 Full Wheelbarrows
  • Dirt, Bark, and Ashes
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